Losing Faith

I’m trying to make sense of what is happening in America. It hasn’t been easy.

As a parent, I cannot imagine my son dying in police custody from a spinal injury. I don’t care what he did or who he did it to, the amount of force and suffering that had to go into killing someone by spinal injury is beyond comprehension. The same holds true for the kids of Walter Scott in South Carolina who watched the videotape of their father being gunned down while trying to flee a police officer who pulled him over for a broken tail light. I try to imagine the injustice and rage I would feel if that was someone I knew.

I have a lot of respect for police officers, fire fighters, and people serving in our armed forces who risk their lives to help us, save us, and protect our way of life. But, when police departments protect the guilty within their ranks, due to some archaic code of honor, we lose our trust in all police officers. When the Catholic Church protects pedophile Priests, people lose their faith in the church. When schools protect teachers who are incompetent, or even worse, a sexual threat to our children, in the name of tenure, we lose our trust in the entire school system. When politicians are found guilty of corruption again and again, and somehow manage to avoid prosecution, we lose faith in our political system.

This is where we now stand in America. We have gone from the “Greatest Generation” to the generation that will destroy our country. We point fingers and file lawsuits instead of using common sense. That’s what our generation will be known for…we killed Common Sense.

How can we rewrite the ending for our generation?